This document will guide you to create a object model and convert it into XML or JSON. You will:

Create the Model

AnyDataset can work with most of model types. The model can be - a stdClass; - a model with public property; - a model with getter/setter methods; - or even an associative arrays.

or a mix of two or more type above.

For example:

class Model3 extends \Lesson1\Base\BaseModel
    public $name;
    public $age;
    public $gender;
    public $description;
    public $date;

Convert into XML or JSON

Just instantiate the model, set your properties and add transform:.

$model = new \Lesson1\Classes\Model3();
$model->name = 'Joao Gilberto';
$model->age = '40';
$model->date = '03-01-2002';
$model->gender = 'M';
$model->description = 'XMLNuke Author';

// Create the main XML Document and the node where the object will created:
$xmlDoc = \ByJG\Util\XmlUtil::CreateXmlDocument();
$current = \ByJG\Util\XmlUtil::CreateChild($xmlDoc, "root" );

// Execute the transformation
$objHandler = new ObjectHandler($current, $model, "object");

// If you want to convert to JSON you can do this:

It will produce something like this:

   <name>Joao Gilberto</name>
   <description>XMLNuke Author</description>


"Lesson1_Classes_Model3": {
   "name": "Joao Gilberto",
   "age": "40",
   "gender": "M",
   "description": "XMLNuke Author",
   "date": "03-01-2002"

Note that the name of the node is composed with full namespace of the class Lesson1_Classes_Model3. You can change this behavior by adding a tag in the comment of the class to rename it. We can change the to Model3 adding the follow lines:

 * @object:nodename Model3
class Model3 extends \Lesson1\Base\BaseModel
  // ...

Using PHP Restserver

PHP Restserver project can render the object easily. Just create the Rest Controller:

// Create the Rest Contoller
class MyClass extends \ByJG\RestServer\ServiceAbstract
  // Create a method for handle the HTTP MEthod. In this case we will handle the method PUT.
  public function put()
    $model = new \Lesson1\Classes\Model3();
    $model->name = 'Joao Gilberto';
    // ... set the other options

    // Tell to the rest server for process the model and transform it into XML or JSON